QSPA (Questions Smart People Ask

Welcome to the TNT Questions Smart People Ask page.  As we get more questions we will add to the list.

1. Who can ride TNT?

A: Anyone is welcome to ride TNT. We have riders of all abilities, who ride all styles of bikes. Recumbents, hand cycles, fixies, adult and youth.   (Anyone under 18 must have a parent or guardian present with their signature on the waiver.  Anyone 14 or under will need to have a rider with them on the course.)


2. How long is the course?  What’s the course like? Is it open to traffic?

A: The course is a 10 mile out and back on rolling Co. Rd 24 which has 8′ wide shoulders and decent pavement. The turn around is marked with a cone and an officer controlling traffic. The rest of the course is open to traffic.  Watch out for yourselves!


3. How much does it cost and where do I sign up?

A: For 2016 costs are as follows:

Day of: $20 cash at registration at Woodridge Church parking lot.

1/2 series $45 (for any 3 races) sign up online.

Full series: $75 (total of 6 races) sign up online.

We will accept checks for day of, full and 1/2 series at registration, but please come early and have a photo ID available.


4. What kind of bikes are allowed?

A: We will let you ride anything 100% human-powered (no enclosed bikes) that will get you through the course safely.

4.1.1 Define Open vs Stock bikes

A.1.1: Stock is…

A: Wheels that have a 50mm rim depth or less.

A: Traditional drop road bars (no clip-on or aero bars)

A: Helmets that are not tier drop shaped


5. Are there divisions and  prizes?

A: TNT is broke into the open and stock divisions (see 4.1.1 for definition of a Stock).  With each division being broken into men and women, and further into 10 year age increments with under 20 and 60+ as the bookends.  Prizes vary from year to year depending on sponsors and funds.

(Yes, we are looking for sponsors.)


6. Is the race timed?

A: Yes, the race is timed via a computer program. It will be accurate (within a few seconds),  but not chip time accurate.  We post results on our results web page within 24hrs of the race finish (unless the computer glitches…).


7. Are there refunds?

A: Short answer is no.  Long answer is possibly/maybe. Talk to the race director if some uber crazy circumstance that is out of your control arises. We’ll see what we can do.

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